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Educational Trends for Pre-School

By February 17, 2021No Comments

The education sector in India has been a concern for some time for policymakers and also for the parents who are searching for a school for their kids. There is a high need for a quick makeover of the education system. As per recent studies, pre-schooling in India has changed over the years. The government of India has recently adopted ECCE policy, i.e. Early Childhood Care and Education Policy in the year 2013. The target is the rural and urban population aged between 0-6 gets the right education. With this, there is a dire need to shift towards developing a modern curriculum with a focus on children’s mental and physical health.

Education Trends in Pre School

  • Focus on Mental and Physical fitness.
  • E-learning and audio-visual learning.
  • Focus on reducing discrimination.
  • Minimizing the achievement gap.
  • Change in curriculum according to the international standards.

Every school should embrace these trends in education as the level of education has to be up to the mark without which the future generation leaders or inventors cannot be developed.

New trends in Education

Focus on Mental and Physical Health
  • A big concern to the education sector and to all the public of India has been the venerable education system in place. There are studies that prove pre-school education plays a vital role in developing a child’s brain. Also on the other hand children aged 0-8 having or playing or learning any extracurricular activities helps them learn.
E-learning and audio-visual learning
  • The current trend that is being implemented across the globe is E-learning and AV learning for preschoolers. Children aged 0-6 are more receptive towards audio visual learning as curriculum having sound and pictures attracts them and creates interest for them. For any preschooler, their brain is not yet developed and hence audio and video-based study helps them learn and memorize fast.
Focus on reducing discrimination
  • Preschool is a stage where the children are aged 0-6 where the things they learn to stay with them forever. These years are the foundation for any child, where if they learn any particular thing it stays with them for years together. Discrimination against any child for any reason also affects the brain of that child as they tend to carry it with them for a long time. Discrimination due to colour, caste, creed, culture and due to their performance in school affects their mental well-being.
Minimizing the achievement gap
  • It often happens that out of 50 students few lack the skill to showcase their talent. But that doesn’t mean they do not have the potential to score marks or they are not smart enough. Often at schools, it is seen that these students do not give importance at all. Creating a few stars out of 50 students is a bad approach by the teachers and Prakash Public School is an institution where we believe that every child is a star. At Prakash Public school no teacher or staff member believes in discrimination against any child because of achievement. All children are born equal and are treated equally. These are the trends in education which schools all over the world are quickly adapting.
Change in curriculum according to the international standards
  • Currently, most of the schools are implementing international standards as far as the curriculum is concerned. International standards include the infrastructure provided to the students and the curriculum offered to the students. Prakash Memorial School has international standards as far as curriculum and infrastructure is concerned. Prakash Memorial School has set international standards when it comes to curriculum and its management. We are up to date when it comes to following educational trends and inculcating it into the curriculum. Our school infrastructure provides all futuristic amenities for the school kids where they can learn and develop their skills in the future. These new trends in education are diligently followed by the teachers at the Prakash Memorial School
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