Our Facilitators are qualified, well trained and experienced. They are responsible and pay individual attention to the children.

Preschool is the first new environment that a child steps into without parents. Teacher’s, in school are substitute parents besides facilitating education and learning. Therefore, our teacher’s are caring, understanding and give a secure and friendly environment for a child’s overall growth which and develops him /her into a happy, healthy, emotionally stable human being who will not only be an asset to the society but to the nation at large.

At Pakash Memorial School our teacher’s are rigorously trained to inculcate a sense of inner discipline and holistic psycho-social development of children through well planned learning with innovative methodology and a caring approach.

Teacher’s Training Academy

Teacher’s are given regular trainings with the aim to upgrade their skills. They are trained in different methodologies of teaching learning besides, how to understand the emotional and psychological aspects in children so that any roadblock in the growth of a child has timely resolution.