About Us

Introducing our little world & what we are all about


To build a positive learning environment for holistic development.


To create and empower self reliant learners by providing a global outlook with the aim to excel in all areas, to bring out human values and build strong character.

Prakash Educational
& Sports Society

Prakash Educational & Sports Society was started with the aim to provide best sports curriculum to children for their physical development. We believe that a healthy mind develops in a healthy body, therefore emphasis is made on sports because we want to enable children to achieve holistic growth and also realize their future vision in sports too.

Board Members

Pradeep Prakash Ubale


Sachin Prakash Ubale


Director’s Message

Prakash Memorial School is the vision of Late Prakash Jagannath Ubale who wanted to create a place for children where they would not only learn essential life lessons but also get motivated towards physical fitness and sports.

We make efforts to provide global opportunities to students. In this direction, we are taking tiny yet firm steps towards preparing our children for the 21st century by imparting a healthy Mind, Body, Soul synchronization through our robust curriculum and activities.

As an institution we firmly believe that the investment we put into our children today will help them achieve greater goals and create a brighter and better world tomorrow. A body which is fit and healthy will have a mind which is creative and at peace. With this aim, we surge ahead to provide best academic and sports curriculum for our children who will have amazing opportunities to excel in both the areas.

We envision a happy and soulful learning for our children.

Mr. Sachin Ubale

Chairman, Prakash Memorial School

Sukhvinder Multani

Principal, Prakash Memorial School

Principal’s Message

When you fall, Get up.
When you are sad, Cheer Up
When You fail, Don’t give up !

To see every child develop a loving interest towards learning is bliss. This transformation can occur only when learning is made enjoyable and not a compelling pursuit. We need to make our children strong – emotionally, physically and mentally. Teach them life skills which will enable them master the areas they want to grow in as learners.

The aim of our education is beyond academics. We as a community of knowledge givers want our children to develop resilience, empathy, compassion and remain in touch with emotions which make them human beings who are rooted to the core values of life. Besides we encourage them to inculcate an enquiring spirit in the landscape of learning.

Love is the language of humanity. Therefore, whatever learning’s we impart must be rooted in love for humanity.

With this simple philosophy that we teach our children, learning has become a much sort after pursuit in our school. We are proud to say that we paint the canvas of learning with colours of joy and positivity.

Why Prakash Memorial School

Life Skills

We impart essential Life Skills necessary to live a successful life and address challenges. These skills have been integrated in the lesson plans.

Physical Education

We strongly believe that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body . Students are trained from the beginning towards building STAMINA, STRENGTH & ENDURANCE.

Session Planning

Teachers plan the session for the academic year well in advance. Every week lesson planning is done which comprises different methodologies.

Differentiated Learning

The school follows innovative pedagogical practices suitable for the needs of children.

Community Building

Students are exposed to different cultural ethos so that they understand and contribute towards community building.

Teacher’s Training

An Annual calendar for faculty training is prepared for every academic year. Each faculty member is expected to undergo at least 2 to 3 external trainings in a year besides in-house training for subject enrichment and skill enhancement.

Home Visits

Teacher’s plan a visit to student’s home with the aim to understand a child’s psychology, environment and neighbourhood which impact a child’s growth.

Mother’s Meet

A parent teacher meeting is organized once a month wherein teachers discuss with parents syllabus to be taught and different methodologies that they use in imparting teaching learning.